IMG_1672[1]Bubblegum-Man: Bright pink in color. Transformed by science into living candy, Chris Xavier is the world’s stickiest superhero. He can stretch and stick anywhere to anything. He’s a good-natured guy who likes to have fun and go on adventures.

Den ProfileDr. David Den: Formerly the high-jumping superhero known as the Grasshopper, Dr. Den is a certified mad scientist, a graduate of the Tesla Academy of Mad Science in Belgrade, Serbia. Dr. Den is a kind-hearted gentleman whose fortune came from selling microwave antennae to the government. He and Jonathan Mollusk were once best friends.

Roadkill ProfileCaptain Road-kill: Born in 1399 in Valencia, Spain, Diego Miranda was the bastard son of a Spanish nobleman and his alchemist mistress. When the plague hit their villa, Diego’s mother Miranda brewed the elixir of life to cure him. The batch was so strong, drinking it made him immortal. Now the only survivor of his family and villa, Diego wandered the earth, eventually becoming the superhero known as Captain Road-kill.

Mollusk ProfileDoctor Mollusk: Another graduate of the Tesla Academy of Mad Science, Mollusk is a cyborg supervillain obsessed with two things: Ruining David Den and saving the planet from the encroaching alien threat. After paralyzing Den, Mollusk wandered Georgia, eventually discovering the crashed alien ship of Slimeball and the existence of the Archons.

Slimeball ProfileSlimeball: A scout among the alien Archons, Slimeball is obsessed with destruction and calamity for fun and profit. Like all his species, he loves to eat, especially delighting in the consumption of intelligent species. He considers himself a gentleman and a scholar. He looks forward to the day the rest of the Archon fleet arrives to wipe out all life on Earth.

EggMan ProfileEgg-Man: Maria Guerra, girl genius, is the inventor of the spectacular Egg-Man power-armor. The child of an unwed mother, she lives with her aunt and baby cousin while her mother works two jobs to support them. She attends a public middle school in College Park, Georgia.

Elec ProfileElectron: A psychopath and a sadist, Ezekiel Crane is an Iranian-American citizen with a history of violence. Transformed by Mollusk into living lightning, he became Mollusk’s chief operative and general gopher.